Top Reasons To Use A Vape Pen

Vape pens are relatively recent innovation. However, they have taken hearts of many smokers by storm. This is for a good reason. They are very attractive and offer several benefits over smoking. Moreover, they create an amazing experience. The following are some reasons to use vape pens:

Much healthier

Most peopletg23erdf6y37edu28iu292 prefer to use vape pens to traditional cigarettes because they are healthier and purer. For instance, they can heat cannabis to point where they cause cannabinoids to evaporate. In fact, they do not burn the plant matter. Learn how to make hash oil for vape pen. Vapor does not contain carbon monoxide, harmful toxins, or tar that are found in the smoke.

When you burn marijuana, you create smoke, which contains about 80% of non-cannabinoid particles. This means that it is only a fraction, which makes it into the smoke. Most cannabinoids are destroyed by the heat during combustion. When you evaporate them, you get vapor content that is up to 95%. This explains why vaping is healthier as compared to smoking.

Saves money

It is true that vaporizers are efficient when you need to get most out of the cannabis. Some studies show that vape pens are more efficient by over 40% than smoking. This means that you need less nicotine to get the same nicotine amount. Thus, you can create substantial savings over time.  The saving can make vape pen pay for itself. The payback period is dependent on the amount you consume.

No hassles

You should note that vaporizing does not generate thick, clinging smoke like combustion does. The main reason for this is that there are no chemicals or tar that is present that can stick to your clothes. In fact, in a few seconds, the vapor disperses. Only persons that are adjacent will smell it. This has several advantages. For instance, your clothing and home will not stink of smoke.

Easy to dose

As compared ttg23erdf6cvy3e7rfu82i29io other methods of getting a nicotine hit, a vape pen allows for the excellent control over dosage. Thus, it is quite easy to get to the level you want. This is because the traditional vaporizers destroy the plant matter like traditional cigarettes.

Stealth factor

Using a vape pen is discreet. In fact, it is not linked to odor factor. Since the smell does not travel far, and does not linger or stain. A lot of vaporizers appear like e-cigarettes, thus, you can enjoy a nice vaping session in the broad day light. There are many advantages of the vaporizers over the smoking.