Toothpaste Alternatives


You require ample time to keep your gums as well as teeth healthy. Limiting sugar intake, brushing twice every day and flossing are major elements of oral hygiene you should practice. Some toothpaste, however, contains harmful ingredients like artificial sweeteners that are not good for your oral health. This has made many people resolve to use natural toothpaste alternatives

Natural toothpaste alternatives

Orange peelsorangepeelsasdfghjkjhgfdxzxcvbnm

Orange peels are good at removing stains from the teeth and keeping them white and shiny. Orange peels also contain limonene which breaks down plaque and works as a bleaching agent for discoloured teeth. Vitamin C found in these peels micro-organisms in the mouth from growing. These organisms are responsible for tooth decay and bad breath. You may choose to rub fresh peels on your gums or dip a wet brush in powder made from orange peels and use to clean.


Table salt or sea salt can be used when brushing the teeth. Particles of salt help with getting rid of plaque in your teeth. This way it reduces any risk of oral problems. Salt also helps in replenishing lost minerals in the teeth hence keeping them healthy. Moreover, salt kills bacteria inside your mouth thus preventing bad breath. Take a moistened brush and dip in salt then use to brush twice a day.

Indian lilac

Also known as neem, Indian lilac is among the best alternatives for toothpaste. It has antiseptic and antibacterial properties that kill bacteria which is responsible for gum diseases. Neem provides a lasting solution for gingivitis and gives a long lasting breath thus helps to do away with bad breath. Rub juice from neem leaves on your teeth, then brush before rinsing. You can also use neem sticks that are soft to brush your teeth.

Bentonite clay

This is also another excellent alternative for toothpaste. Bentonite clay is rich in minerals that support tooth mineralization. It also has detoxifying properties helpful kin fighting germs and giving you a fresh breath. It can also make your teeth strong and decay resistant. Mix small quantities of this clay with coconut oil, baking powder and peppermint then use the mixture to brush.

Licorice roots

These roots promote oral health making them useful as an alternative to toothpaste. It has licoriceasdfghyujihgfdsasdcvbnantimicrobial and antibacterial properties that prevent plaque formation. It further helps in preventing the growth of bacteria that causes the growth of cavity. It also assists to maintain healthy gums. You can use powder made from dry licorice root to brush each day or opt for the soft root stick.

These products are natural, simple and cheap and will help you maintain an excellent oral health if used instead of toothpaste.