Kratom – Key characteristics and how to use it?


The herb known as Kratom is one of the most special ones you can find on the market these days, mainly due to its unusual features and the fact that consuming different doses of it can have different effects on your organism. This unusual feature is the result of the alkaloids found in the herb, which can function both as sedatives and stimulants.

The Kratom herb will have various effects, which depend on the person taking the herb and the actual dosage taken. If you plan on using Kratom, it would be advisable to start with small dosages and proceed with larger dosages, if necessary. That way, you will also test your organism and see what is your tolerance threshold to Kratom.

Low dosages

33nnsjkdhLow doses of Kratom usually have a stimulating effect. At this level, using Kratom will make you feel more aware of your surroundings and more alert. Also, you will experience the feeling of much greater physical strength and, in some cases, enhanced sexual energy. When using low dosages of Kratom, people usually become more friendly, sociable and talkative.

Many also find it much easier to deal with boring and physically enduring activities, when consuming Kratom. The majority of users will say that they enjoy the effects. However, there are some people, who claim that Kratom makes them feel edgy, uncomfortable and uneasy.

High dosages

When using high dosages of Kratom, you will mostly be much less sensitive to physical, as well as emotional pain. Your overall mental state will improve, as you will feel much more relaxed and calm, and have a much more pleasant feeling, in general. Some people would describe this feeling like an almost trance-like state. When using larger doses. Some people may experience light itching sensations and sweat a bit and, in rare cases, feel nauseous. The best way of dealing with the nausea is to lie down and relax for a couple of minutes until the nauseous feeling is gone.

Many people would describe the effects of high Kratom dosage as an almost dream-like state. They claim that they can enjoy various arts, such as music, at a much higher level, and that their creativity is enhanced. These effects usually last no more than six hours and the higher the dose, the more pronounced the effects will be.

Determining the dosage

Kratom dosage usually applies to the leaves of the herb, not the extract. Since different people have different levels of sensitivity to Kratom, dosage guidelines can be a bit rough. If you have never used Kratom in the past, make sure to start with the lowest possible dosage. If you immediately begin suffering from nausea and start vomiting, you should momentarily stop using the herb.

The smallest dosage should be between 2 – 6 grams. This amount is usually enough to produce light stimulant effects. Using between 7 – 15 grams, produces medium stimulating effects, whereas using 16 – 25 grams produces strong sedative effects. Anything above 26 grams is considered too much and can lead to extremely strong sedative effects.

Are there any risks?

22mndlfkdjIf not used alongside other herbs, alcohol or drugs, the only negative side effect Kratom can cause sleepiness. Since there is a risk of you involuntarily falling asleep, you should not drive or operate some machinery while using the herb, or after using it.