Common causes of TMJ you should know

The most prominent principle and a common cause of the temporomandibular joint disorder, TMJ is tooth grinding. There are many causes of tooth grinding which lead to TMJ. Discovering these tidbits of dental information can be very helpful to you as well as your family. The following are the main causes of TMJ that you need to be aware of. You can also checkout – TMJ specialist San  Antonio to learn more about TMJ.


If you keep having difficult and hectic days at work, then count yourself in as this can lead to TMJ problems if the stress you are going through is common. Gradual and fixed worry or common stress is a known cause of TMJ related pains. Nervousness resulting in stress within your head and jaw muscular tissue end up causing the ensuing clenching.stress


Diet is one of the leading causes of tooth grinding, believe it or not. It is relative to your dietary issues similar to excessive consumption of caffeine and artificial sweeteners such as NutraSweet. Foods in the checklist of headaches activating meals are also known to trigger TMJ. You need you think twice before getting an expresso if you want to avoid potential consequences. A nasty bite can also trigger TMJ jaw soreness. Most people agree on this without any doubt.


Trauma may also be a possible reason for TMJ development. It is a clear contributing factor to TMJ pain if you have had an accident recently. Recent dental works and TMJ braces can also be accountable. It can appear odd but is a sure possible cause of TMJ. Some patients have developed TMJ by sitting on the dental chair, so this is possible.

Working out

workingoutThis contributing factor may surprise you, but the truth is that TMJ issues may be caused by working out. Even so, numerous medical problems may also cause issues of TMJ. Lack of fitness levels more often than not result in the symptoms or troubles of TMJ. In like manner, typical medical predicaments of neck and back problems can also trigger TMJ. Having trouble with the shoulder can also be a contributing factor.

You should try as much as you can to avoid these contributing factors that may lead to TMJ problems. If you suspect that you might be suffering from TMJ, then you need to first talk to your dentist. Your dentist will help with the right advice as well as treatment of this condition. TMJ is one of the dentistry specialty called typical doctors. TMJ specialists usually have vast experience academically and professional to have these issues.