Atoll 11’0″ Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Review

Nothing beats the feeling that someone gets when he/ she is on the water paddling and enjoying the nature. The paddling will give you a good feeling, and it’s beneficial to your health. Paddling is a very precise activity, and this means that you can’t just jump into it, you have to the have core competencies and have the required board.

In this article, I will be reviewing the Atoll 11’0” inflatable stand up paddle board because it’s so important that you choose the right equipment. And if you are reading this review then it’s because you have an interest in buying the Atoll iSUP 11 foot. The reviews for this board will include;

General information

11 foot long

ggfgfgfgfdsdsThe size of the Atoll 11’0” inflatable stand up paddle board is that it is perfect for someone who has a height of under 6 feet. The board is 6 inches thick and 30 inches wide. The 6-inch thickness will be helpful because when on the water no water will be above the board thus making your feet to be dry always. Allowing you to enjoy surfing more without worry about the cold water.

Gripping pad

The board is covered with a gripping pad that will make sure that the board is firm. Also, this will allow you to have enough space on the board to move around. The gripping pad will be helpful more for the surfer that are experts and want to try different moves when paddling. The gripping pad is not only useful for the balance, but it’s helpful when you are climbing back on top.

Six stainless D-rings

Te six stainless D-rings are located on the top of the Atoll which will be connected using a bungee cord, and they will give you space that you can store anything from your shoes. The D-rings will be located on top of the paddle, middle and at the far end. The one on top will be for toeing the paddle, the one in the middle will be helpful when you are carrying the paddle around, and the bottom one will serve the same purpose as the top D-ring.

User friendliness

hghgghghhThe Atoll 11’0” has impressed so many people because of the user friendliness it has. The Atoll package will have all the things that you need to maintain the board. The package will include things like high-pressure hand pump, which will be so hard to use with time but what I can advise you to use is the electric pump, and if you don’t have any you can just purchase.